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March 4, 2022

I was really honored to have been a guest on Chris Jones’s excellent podcast. Always fun to talk about writing. Take a listen. You’ll hear about my background then we get into my process of researching and writing plus specifically how I authentically bring diverse characters to life. I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with Chris, a very talented writer and editor. Thanks for having me, Chris!

September 13, 2021

Jeffrey_K_Walker_Book_Club_Chat_You_Get_MeYou know what was great about today? I did my first author visit with a book club since the pandemic started! Wow, did it feel fantastic to sit outside with a group of highly engaged, enthusiastic, and intelligent women. Thank you, Zoretta Bowman and Robin Sabo, for making my chat with the R & R Book Club possible. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

June 16, 2021

My friend and colleague M.K. Tod sent out an S.O.S. for content to use on her terrific website, A Writer of History, and I was happy to provide her with four blog posts. To all you historical fiction fans, definitely check out M.K.’s site for excellent author interviews, reader surveys and more. You can take a look here.

June 6, 2021

Happy Sunday! I wanted to share another of my interviews with you; this one done in a different format. The terrific and most talented author Helen Hollick kindly interviewed me in a written Q & A style. Check out my sometimes cheeky responses here. Helen is a prolific writer with titles you are sure to enjoy. You can find them all here.

May 18, 2021

It’s been a looong pandemic and I’m happy to resurface fully vaxxed and with a fun interview I did for Behind the Scenes in Tidewater. Joshua Griffin and Erica Hinkle thought it would be cool and interesting to podcast about local businesses, philanthropy and community events. They do a great job. Enjoy their enthusiasm and I hope you do indeed find my interview interesting. What’s a fictive dream? When did the US start to cultivate tobacco? How many cities have I visited? Take a listen.

December 29, 2020

I was feeling a bit down, writer-wise, lately. Then I remembered Historical Novels Review—the Big Kahuna of journals for historical fiction authors and readers—said months ago they were reviewing my last novel, No Hero’s Welcome. Just when I needed a lift, the universe provided one. Some selections from this review:

“This is a magnificently crafted novel that defies precise genre characterization. Superb historical fiction certainly, it is filled with traces of espionage, combat, romance, intrigue… all creatively and credibly interwoven by the author.”

“The details are well-researched yet never overdone, and the characters are complicated and sympathetic.”

“Final in a series, the book is fine as a stand-alone and comes with my strongest recommendations.”

You can read the entire review here.

December 16, 2020

I want to alert you to a thought-provoking podcast for all you would-be entrepreneurs called The Succession Stories Podcast which is hosted by Laurie Barkman, CEO of SmallDotBig, and delves into next generation entrepreneurship and multi-generational businesses. I was fortunate enough to be interviewed for the 27th episode in her “What’s Next Series.” You can listen here: Jeffrey K. Walker: From Vetrepreneur to Authorpreneur

September 28, 2020

As part of the promotion for No Hero’s Welcome, I was asked to be a guest on The Author Inside You podcast! I really enjoyed delving into my experience as an author. I hope you’ll take a listen. The podcast is now live on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and can be heard here: https://bit.ly/3ickzWb


September 24, 2020

Jeffrey_K_Walker_Book_Club_Chat_You_Get_MeI’m currently in California and I had a remarkably fine two-hour Zoom author talk with a book club named “Beyond the Book Club” back in Virginia today. Fourteen ladies and they were SERIOUS readers. Everyone had read the book–a couple of them twice. They came loaded for bear and grilled me thoroughly. I loved it and, as always, learned much about what works and what doesn’t with readers.

Have a book club of your own? Have friends or family with book clubs? Now that we’re all thoroughly accustomed to online meetings and courses and happy hours, why not invite me for an author talk?

September 21, 2020

Here’s a GREAT DEAL for international readers! If you live in Canada, the U.K., India or Australia, take advantage of this opportunity to grab an ebook of None of Us the Same for a very low price. 👍


September 16, 2020

I’m very pleased that No Hero’s Welcome is now available in Indie Virginia, a collection of books from local indie authors available exclusively on the BiblioBoard Library mobile and web platforms. The patrons of the participating libraries have ready access to my book and thousands of others.
But here’s the thing. Your local Virginia library must sign up to have access to Indie Virginia. For example, Williamsburg Regional Library currently does not have access. If your local Virginia library does not offer BiblioBoard, please reach out to BiblioBoard with the name of your library to help local authors like me.

And in case you’re wondering, yes, I am pursuing getting the first two novels in Indie Virginia. 👍 📖 👀 📚


September 1, 2020

AwardSo this happened this week and I’m pretty stoked. My first novel, None of Us the Same, is a semifinalist in the 2020 The Kindle Book Review Awards! Thanks to all my readers who have read and enjoyed my books! Could you help me spread the word? Thanks! 😎👍👍📚🤞

Aug  28, 2020

I’m happy to share that I’m featured in this month’s edition of our wonderful local magazine Next Door Neighbors! I am described as a modern Renaissance man–how about that? 👍 I hope you’ll have a read. Let me know what you think. In which new careers should I dabble? 🤔 Or should I just continue to concentrate on my passion for writing?

August 20, 2020

author Jeffrey K. Walker featured in a cookbookSo this is cool. The terrific force behind indieBRAG, Geri Clouston, and Susan Weintrob, a respected culinary expert and food blogger, have developed really interesting recipes which were inspired by the pages of several B.R.A.G. Medallion-winning books and the stories contained therein. I am proud to announce that one of my three B.R.A.G. Medallion-winning novels, None of Us the Same, is featured in the cookbook accompanied by a tantalizing recipe for Newfoundland fish cakes. I own a copy of this most creative cookbook and I can tell you there are great recipes inside. Trust me, there’s something for everyone. Grab your copy today!

July 8, 2020

I want to THANK ALL of YOU who bought my books during the last three months. As promised, I donated 20% of all proceeds to Williamsburg House of Mercy. Today I delivered my check to Brenda Tamborini, Director of Emergency Services. Thank you, Nicole Lancour, for your help scheduling this. I was very pleased to help out this incredible non-profit organization whose myriad services help so many especially now during the pandemic.

April 30, 2020
I recently received a wonderful review of None of Us the Same from Chanticleer Reviews! It’s arrived long after my award but better late than never. I hope you’ll take a look here.



April 25, 2020

Buy books to benefit the needyI’ve been trying to do my part and help wherever and whenever I can during this age of #coronavirus. I’ve joined with James Patterson and donated to the Book Industry Charitable Foundation to help keep independent booksellers going. I’ve become a sponsor for the Here for the Girls, Inc. 2021 calendar, and I have given half of my stimulus check to Burnell Cotlon’s Lower Ninth Ward Market, the only grocery store in the Ninth Ward of my beloved New Orleans. The other half has gone to various local non-profits. I’ve also donated to local food banks and I want to do more. But I need your help. Please help me sell my books so I, in turn, can give more. I am pleased to announce that I will donate 20% of my book-sale proceeds through June 30th to Williamsburg House of Mercy. House of Mercy provides food, shelter and so many other compassionate human services to our local population in need. Please buy, please share, please spread the word. I have a goal of $500 but I can’t reach it without your help. I know you care as much as I do for those who are struggling. And please, because I’d LOVE to see you, post on any of my social media platforms (be sure to tag me) a photo of you with your new purchase of my book(s). For each photo posted, I’ll donate an additional dollar. Help me help them. Thank you!

February 6, 2020

I never tire of sharing my presentation on the First World War and how it spurred on modernization in such varied ways. The members of the Williamsburg Rotary made the night a true pleasure with their attentiveness and insightful questions. Thank you, Brent Baumberger, for inviting me to speak.

January 28, 2020

That’s right. I’ve got a sweet deal for you. It’s a limited-time offer though. If you enjoyed the movie 1917, I think you’ll enjoy my novels. And right now, you can score an ebook of the first volume of my Sweet Wine of Youth Trilogy for only 99 cents. Tell your family. Tell your friends. Let’s get more Americans to learn about the First World War. Enough said. Wait, here are some links:
Barnes and Noble
Kobo US
Kobo UK
Apple Books
Google Books

January 14, 2020

Thank you, masterful author M.K. Tod, for reviewing on your terrific website my third novel, No Hero’s Welcome, to be an “excellent read” and saying, “A superbly told story of an Irish family’s struggles during and after World War One; wonderful characters.”

December 10, 2019

I have been remiss in announcing that No Hero’s Welcome was chosen as the October Book-of-the-Month Runner-Up by Discovering Diamonds! Thank you, Helen Hollick and your reviewers for this honor.

November dates to remember:

Here are the final dates my in-depth interview with audiobookradio.net will air. Hope you can give a listen.

November 1, 2019

Thanks to the vivacious and entertaining Sunni for my short-but-sweet interview today! Sunni graciously invited me to return and I would certainly love to do so.

October 25, 2019 

This is worth repeating. [New lyrics, with apologies to Robert Stanley Weir…] 🎶O Canada! You make my heart so big. You bought tons of books, and now it’s true–No Hero’s Welcome is NUMBER ONE! 🎶I thank you very much. From the bottom of my heart. I’m now an INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLING AUTHOR for a second time. 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

October 22, 2019

Yes, right now. Limited-time offer. Tell your family. Tell your friends. Enough said. Wait, here are some links:
Barnes and Noble
Kobo US
Kobo UK
Apple Books

October 16, 2019 

It was my privilege to speak to this fine group of dedicated men and women who so faithfully and admirably serve for the benefit of children. They even donated a children’s book in my honor which I got to sign- what a wonderful gesture! Thank you for having me, Kevin Onizuk, Bertram Aaron, Missy Zimmerman and Tucker Edmonds!

October 5, 2019 

Author Event in Williamsburg, VAThanks to everyone who came to the festival and stopped by my table. It’s always a treat to meet new people and chat about my writing. I was happy to entice new readers of my books, too. That support makes it possible for me to continue writing.

September 27, 2019 

I am delighted to be featured by multi-talented fellow historical novelist M.K. Tod on her terrific website, A Writer of History. If you haven’t read any of her finely crafted books, you should—carefully researched historical fiction told in her lyrical prose. 

September 11, 2019 

Remember the September 11, 2001 attacksOn 9/11, I was a lieutenant colonel lawyer in the Air Force, working at Air Combat Command HQ as the director of aircraft crash investigations. I watched the news reports after the first plane hit and thought, “That is perfect flying weather. How could two pilots crash into a huge building in that visibility?” Then the second plane hit and we knew we were at war. It was chaos–we didn’t even know who the enemy was. I was the Air Force’s go-to expert on rules of engagement, so NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) called and asked me to write draft rules for the aircraft we were launching to patrol US airspace. NORAD had no plans and no rules of engagement for protecting against internal air threats, only those coming in over the pole or across the oceans, so I was starting from zero. We had no idea how many more aircraft had been hijacked and there were thousands of planes in the air and coming from overseas. The FAA was trying to clear the airspace and diverting planes wherever they could, but it took a lot of time. I spent the next hours gathering whatever scraps of information we had–mostly from CNN reports, since the intelligence agencies were giving us nothing—to write the rules dictating when a fighter pilot was cleared to shoot down a civilian airliner. The enormity of that responsibility was like a huge weight pressing down on me. If I got it right or wrong, there was a 100% chance every innocent person on a targeted airplane would die. To this moment, I’m so relieved that awful day ended without anyone having to make that shoot/don’t shoot decision. It is a day I will truly never forget.

September 7, 2019 

This is truly an amazing day for me. My third book, No Hero’s Welcome, has launched today. Writing The Sweet Wine of Youth Trilogy has been a privilege and an honor. I must say I’ve grown very fond of my characters and the compelling stories I’ve been able to tell through them. I hope you’ll read this final volume of the trilogy and let me know what you think. And please post reviews, too. Reviews on Amazon, B&N, Goodreads, Apple Books and Kobo help other fine readers discover my books. I am eternally grateful to all of you for your interest in and support of my writing. Happy reading about the trials and tribulations of the Brannigan family.

August 27, 2019

Very proud to be featured on Postcards and Authors where clever Anita Martin highlights postcards sent to her by authors, book clubs and others in the book world. Can you guess in what country this poster-cum-postcard was plastered about? Anita has been sent postcards from various sources and geographic locations. Check out all the interesting ones she’s received. Thanks for including mine, Anita!


August 20, 2019 

None of Us the Same hits #1[New lyrics, with apologies to Robert Stanley Weir…] 🎶O Canada! You make my heart so big. You bought tons of books, and now it’s true–None of Us the Same is NUMBER ONE! 🎶I thank you very much. From the bottom of my heart. I’m now an INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLING AUTHOR!! How cool is that?

June 4, 2019
Nothing like starting your day bright and early to speak to a fine group of hard-working, selfless, fundraising individuals! I was very pleased to speak today to the Rotary Club of James City County about the history leading up to and including the First World War and its lasting impact, both destructive and innovative. I appreciated the interesting questions asked and only wish we had more time to discuss them. I thank all of you for the warm welcome and especially Roger Saunders, Sergeant at Arms; Nancy Nunn, Program Chair; Sue Harmon, President-Elect; and Bill Mutell, President, for making this possible.

June 1, 2019
It took me a couple of months to catch up on my Writer’s Digest magazine but I’m glad I did because I found this issue particularly interesting… and very gratifying. This is the very issue announcing the winners of the Writer’s Digest 26th Annual Self-Published Book Awards. I had learned several months ago the results of my entry and knew publication of those results was forthcoming. But it’s easy to let the magazines collect, saying I’ll get to them sometime. Some other publications got stacked up, too. Fortunately I carved out some get-through-the-pile-o’-magazines time and discovered, almost anew, that Truly Are the Free earned an Honorable Mention in the Mainstream/Literary Fiction category! This is an extremely competitive category and I am tremendously honored to have received an Honorable Mention. Thank you again for the recognition, Writer’s Digest!

April 27, 2019
I’m here at the Chanticleer International Book Awards ceremony in beautiful Bellingham, Washington and, drum roll, please… None of Us the Same won First Place for Best Post-1750s HIstorical Fiction!! My heart is racing with pride and excitement at this incredible honor! I was given a blue ribbon just like I would have received for Best Cherry Pie at the county fair, only this one is much bigger. And you know, I really like it. It’s going up on the wall in my office. Here’s an interesting factoid: Everyone at my table nominated for an award received one. Every, Single. Author. How amazing is that? Our winners’ table spanned genres from memoir to fantasy. They were a fun, supportive and interesting group of writers. Congratulations to all my fellow winners! And thank you, Chanticleer, for this terrific award.

March 20, 2019
fussy_librarian_logo_wht_bg_notagline_2Happy Vernal Equinox! On this fine first day of spring, check out my interview with Sadye Scott-Hainchek of The Fussy Librarian. Sadye is a talented author herself and fun interviewer as you’ll see by her questions. And if you’re not already on The Fussy Librarian’s mailing list, you’re missing out on terrific ebook bargains. They offer daily deals in your inbox tailored to your selected genres. No pressure, just lots of opportunities to snag free or inexpensive good books. Check them out. And let me know what you think about my interview. Any questions you’d like me to answer? Send them to me on my Contact page. I’ll send you my answers. We’ll have a nice little convo.

February 23, 2019
I’m delighted for these three winners who will soon have a copy of Truly Are the Free in their hot little hands! And welcome to all of you who signed up for my newsletter. I’m happy to have you on board. Feel free to contact me with your brilliant thoughts and be sure to leave comments on my weekly blog posts. I enjoy hearing from my readers very much.

February 12, 2019

Jeffrey_K._Walker_ TATF giveaway Feb 19SURPRISE! BOOK GIVEAWAY GOING ON HERE! In honor of Black History Month, I want to give YOU the chance to receive my novel Truly Are the Free FOR FREE! I’m giving away three paperback copies of what esteemed authority on the Harlem’s Hell Fighters, Stephen L. Harris, says “is one of the best novels in recent years about the most cataclysmic event of the 20th Century.” So c’mon and enter. I hope you win! Invite your friends to visit my website to enter, too. You’re already here, so just sign up and you’re entered. Instructions on the graphic.   GOOD LUCK!

November 28, 2018
Goethe_Awards_Chanticleer_Book_ReviewHoly smokes! MORE FANTASTIC NEWS! My novel None of Us the Same moves on in the competition and is now a semi-finalist for the Goethe Book Awards! I am beyond ecstatic about this and very proud indeed. Best of luck to all the semi-finalists as we now wait for the Chanticleer Awards Banquet and Ceremony on April 27, 2019 to find out the First Place Category Winners and the overall Grand Prize Winner. Let the nail biting begin… Or maybe I should let out a little scream… Or maybe both…

November 14, 2018
Writers_Digest_Honorable_Mention_2018Very pleased to hear this morning that my second novel, Truly Are the Free, was awarded an Honorable Mention in the Writer’s Digest 2018 Self-Published Book Awards. My book was selected from among more than 2,300 entrants. Last year, WD awarded just 35 honorable mentions across all eight categories.

November 9, 2018
Veterans_Coming_Home_logoI was honored to participate in a very special edition of The Writer’s Block. In conjunction with Veterans Coming Home, the show featured talented poets and authors who are veterans, active-duty service members or family members of those who served.  We all shared important memories of our service– some funny, some touching and one that came with a recipe for fruit cake used during WWII!

October 20, 2018
IAN_Finalist_Medal_2018I am pleased and honored to report that Truly Are the Free was recognized as a 2018 Independent Author Network Finalist for Best Historical Fiction Award. Thank you so much, IAN! I’m sorry the icon is blurry- can’t correct it but still want to show it with pride.

September 25, 2018
What a fun trip back in my hometown! High school reunion festivities and catching up with so many dear old friends, a chance to speak at both the Streator Library and Streator Township High School and an amazing book club chat arranged by Janice Corrigan and hosted by Donna Stone. So many highlights but the most special may be that my ninety-year-old mother got to hear me talk about my research, my writing and my journey to becoming an author. She was an important influence in it all, that’s for sure. Thank you to my friends old and new and my family for enthusiastically supporting me. Your kindness means the world to me.

September 20, 2018
Thank you to Jackie Hawks for inviting me and to Barbara O’Connor for hosting a terrific book club chat. I appreciated your enthusiasm, friendliness and engagement. What a treat to meet all of you!

September 14, 2018
Goethe_Awards_Chanticleer_Book_ReviewBIG NEWS! I am honored and excited to report that my novel None of Us the Same has been short-listed for the Goethe Book Awards! What an honor. Congratulations to all selected as we head to the semi-finalist round. Best of luck!


September 5, 2018

Author-Interview-Series-Jeffrey-K-WalkerThanks so much, to fellow author Jay Lemming for this fun and, I hope, informative interview. I’m looking forward to hearing from both his followers and mine with questions and comments. Did you enjoy the interview? Have any additional questions? What are you curious about? Fire away! Want to learn more about Jay Lemming? Jay writes literary fiction and a little horror, too. You should check out his Billy Maddox Takes His Shot. Some terrific U.S. Border Patrol fiction.

August 20, 2018
Suit_Soldier_logoHonored to be the featured veteran sharing my thoughts on my life’s journey after the military on today’s Suit Soldier podcast. I hope you’ll tune in.

August 17, 2018

Pretty fun morning sitting in my own living room discussing None of Us the Same with a wonderful group of ladies. Yes, it was my wife’s turn to host book club and she kindly arranged for me to be the guest. You know, I never tire of getting into the “how” and “why” of my writing. Always delighted, too, to hear my book was well liked. Thanks, dear wife, for inviting me, and to all of the members for your excellent questions.

August 3, 2018
No_Hero's_Welcome_by_Jeffrey_K_Walker_draft_oneYaaaasss! Just finished the first draft of my Sweet Wine of Youth trilogy’s final book. I’ll let it marinate for a few weeks then it’s on to revisions. Tentative release date is St. Patrick’s Day. Seems to make sense for a story set mostly in Ireland. ☘️


July 24, 2018
Goethe_Awards_Chanticleer_Book_ReviewWow–quite the morning wake-up news! BOTH of my novels have been long-listed for the Goethe Book Awards. Really humbled and proud to be included in this list of very talented fellow writers. Thanks to the Goethe judges and good luck to all on the short listing. 👍📘📙✌️


July 20, 2018

Nancy_Jardine_blog_headerMany thanks to the talented Nancy Jardine, fellow historical fiction author, for featuring me on her blog today. Have a read about jazz, avant-garde Paris, the Dadaists and more.

June 29, 2018
WHRO_The_Writer's_Block_Jun_29_18What a blast at Charlie’s American Cafe in Norfolk tonight. Kathy Martin Cheek emceed WHRO’s The Writer’s Block, chocked full of talented authors and poets. I read from None of Us the Same an early scene at Uncle Johnny’s lighthouse. Here we are. Blurry shot but you can still tell what fun we had, right?

June 26, 2018

I am delighted and proud to have a guest post featured on the multi-talented Helen Hollick’s Of History and Kings blog today. Wondering about the birth of a certain naughty word? I originally posted it on my blog and know you’ll enjoy checking out Helen’s site and reading it there.

June 19, 2018

Jeffrey_K_Walker_Author_TalkI really enjoy giving author talks. This one was for all of the Governor’s Land neighborhood’s book clubs in Williamsburg, Virginia. What a friendly and engaging group who asked terrific questions. Thanks for organizing the event and inviting me, Mish Kara.

June 18, 2018
Clear_Path_for_VeteransI am very happy to donate copies of my two books to the terrific organization Clear Path For Veterans. Let me share their laudable mission statement: “Recognizing the responsibility of communities to help those who serve, Clear Path for Veterans empowers Veterans, active service members, and their families through supportive programs and services in a safe, respectful environment.” Check them out.

June 14, 2018
Suit_Soldier_logoI am stoked to be interviewed by Chris Coker for an upcoming show on his Suit Soldier podcast. Chris, a prior-service Army Officer and Airborne Ranger, is committed to helping veterans transition into new job opportunities and businesses understand the unique talents and capabilities these fine people bring. I’ll be discussing my Air Force career and how I meandered my way to becoming an author. I’ll keep you posted on when the podcast will air.

June 10, 2018
The people you meet while signing books. I had the pleasure of chatting with a reader from Texas, another from Illinois and a third from Vermont who want to discuss having me “visit” their book clubs via Skype or FaceTime. It’s been a nice, continental kind of day.

June 8, 2018
None_of_Us_the_Same_Ebook_Sale_Announcement_June_2018Pssst. I snuck one in on you. In celebration of my awards and my average review rating of 4.9 stars, I invite you to grab your ebook copy of None of Us the Same for only 99 cents on Amazon. That’s right, 99 pennies and boom, it’s on your Kindle. But hurry. This is a short but sweet deal just for you.

May 29, 2018
Very pleased to receive a strong endorsement in this Historical Novel Society review.

May 20, 2018
Jeffrey_K._Walker_reads_TATF_at_The_Muse_Writers_Center_20_May_18The Muse Writers Center in Norfolk hosted an appreciative crowd on Sunday who gathered to hear me and 4 amazing authors/poets read from our recent work. I read chapter fourteen from Truly Are the Free which describes an African-American WWI soldier’s unfortunate and unexpected experience when he returns to the U.S. via Newport News. This chapter always seems to quiet listeners and draw them into the unsettling scene. I was honored to be among such noted writers as Robert P. Arthur, who has published numerous works and was twice a finalist for Poet Laureate of Virginia.

March 23, 2018
The-Wishing-Shelf-BRONZE-medal-2017GREAT NEWS from the U.K.-based The Wishing Shelf Awards! I am proud to announce my novel None of Us the Same has won a 2017 bronze medal for best adult fiction. This is a thrilling feat and I am very pleased and excited. I hope you’ll share my good news.

March 18, 2018
WHRO The Writer's BlockTune in this morning at 11 a.m. to WHRV 89.5 FM to hear the premier broadcast of The Writer’s Block: The Lorraine Hansberry Edition. The show features several talented poets and authors, as well as Narissa Bond’s music. I was honored to be one of the featured artists. I hope you’ll listen as I read an excerpt from Truly Are the Free. If you can’t tune in today, you can listen anytime here.

March 9, 2018
Jeffrey-K-Walker-Author-Guest-Speaker- PEO-eventThe P.E.O. women and the B.I.L. men welcomed me most graciously to speak about the history of WWI, its aftermath and how I was drawn to this remarkable and tragic era as the setting for my historical trilogy. A great evening with a very well-informed and engaged group that put me through my paces! Many thanks to Teri Collins for the invitation and arranging a wonderful event.


March 7, 2018
Discovered-Diamonds-awardPinch me. The venerable Helen Hollick at Discovering Diamonds just notified me that Truly Are the Free has received a Discovered Diamond award. This is a big deal within historical fiction and I am delighted. Thank you, Helen!


February 23, 2018
brag-medallion-indieBRAGWow. I somehow missed this in my inbox but the fine people at indieBRAG poked me. Once again I have been honored with an award from these fine people. “We are proud to announce that TRULY ARE THE FREE by Jeffrey K. Walker is a B.R.A.G.Medallion Honoree. This tells readers that this book is well worth their time and money!” Thank you so much, indieBRAG!

February 23, 2018

Jeffrey-K-Walker-at-WHRV-The-Writers-Block-Norfolk-VASo honored to read from Truly Are the Free at WHRV / WHRO Studios for The Writer’s Block: The Lorraine Hansberry Edition.  An extraordinarily talented group of writers performed plus the powerhouse singer Narissa Bond told stories through her music. An amazing night. Stay tuned at jeffreykwalker.com for details on when this will air. Thank you, Barbara Hamm Lee, the WHRO/WHRV staff, Kathy Martin and Barry Graham. Please support public media.

February 23, 2018
The-Wishing-Shelf-2017-Book-Awards-Finalist I’m quite pleased and honored to share this excellent news. I just heard BOTH my recent books, None of Us the Same and Truly Are the Free, are finalists in the UK-based The Wishing Shelf 2017 Book Awards!
I’ll be reading from Truly Are the Free tonight at the WHRO studios, our NPR station, for their “The Writer’s Block” program.

February 7, 2018
Met an impressive group of well-read and inquisitive women ready to delve into a discussion of None of Us the Same. Thank you, Susan Fournier, for inviting me to visit your book club. I appreciated the sincere curiosity and detailed questions. I really had fun.

Late Jan – Early Feb 2018
Costa-Rican-lizard-in-the-rainforestCOSTA RICA! What an amazing place. Everyone who has visited always says they had an incredible trip here and now I know why. Definitely put it on your bucket list. Details in my Feb 11th blog post.


January 11, 2018

Great kick off to book club visits in this new year with an engaging, knowledgeable group led by Ellen Masla. I truly enjoyed our discussion of None of Us the Same. Nice to hear of your interest in Truly Are the Free as well. Thanks so much for inviting me.

December 23, 2017
Thank you to everyone who came by Barnes and Noble to say hello, stay and chat, and/or buy my books! I had a terrific time meeting so many wonderful, friendly people who love to read historical fiction. We sold out early of None of Us the Same but fortunately had enough copies of Truly Are the Free to appease. My thanks to manager Albert Kurtyka and the New Town Barnes and Noble for hosting me.


December 19, 2017


Finding authentic voices for historical characters is an ongoing challenge for me. I share a little of my process in a guest post on fellow Historical Fiction author M.K. Tod’s excellent blog this morning.

November 5-20, 2017
Traveled to Indonesia. Enjoyed being back in such a cool country but upon my return home, the jetlag really hit me hard. Ouch.

October 23, 2017
What fun discussing None of Us the Same with this wonderful group of readers and writers led by Nancy Deming-May. Nancy had really done her homework and asked many insightful questions which I thoroughly enjoyed answering. Plus, the food, the water, the wine… what’s not to like? Thanks for having me, ladies.

October 7, 2017
Great to meet so many friendly and interesting people at the Williamsburg Book Festival. Thanks for coming out, everyone. And did you get to hear Kathryn Aalto? What an energetic, curious, talented author.

June 28, 2017
I was pleased to be the Spotlight Member at James River Writers’ “The Writing Show” at the Firehouse Theatre in Richmond, VA. I read a passage from None of Us the Same. Wonderful writing group of which I am proud to be a member. 

June 19, 2017
I enjoyed my fun interview discussing None of Us the Same on Army Wife Talk Radio brought to you by Army Wife Network. Thank you, Debbie and Courtney!

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