The War changed everything and everyone…

It all began with such enthusiasm, parades and dances and handsome young soldiers in fine new uniforms aching to prove themselves worthy on the field of battle. How did it all go so horribly wrong? When the guns fall silent, can Deirdre overcome her lingering guilt through a new life with Jack, himself battered and trying to forge a place for them at the edge of a wounded Empire now at peace? Can shell-shocked Will bear the weight of his family’s expectations back in Newfoundland?

Their way forward is fraught with guilt, family intrigue, and ill-advised choices yet tinged with blossoming love and acceptance. Can they move past their shared history of suffering and loss in None of Us the Same?

None of Us the Same: A Novel that Finds Hope in the Devastation

My novel treats in a straightforward and engaging way the very contemporary problems of survivors of a terrible conflict—the First World War—overcoming shell shock, horrible wounds and addiction while finding forgiveness, purpose and love in their war-torn lives.

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None of Us the Same

Sweet Wine of Youth: A Historical Trilogy

I’m excited to bring you this first of three books set during and the years after the First World War, an epoch of unprecedented violence and social change. None of Us the Same looks to the consequences of the War on those most profoundly impacted by it. I invite you to join in the exploration of their lives through boldly drawn characters and a vivid historical setting, all created by a writer who knows first-hand what it means to endure mortars and rockets.

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